What is an Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz – it’s the cocktail that’s taken the world by storm! The combination of Aperol, a bitter orange and rhubarb liqueur, sparkling wine and club soda creates a light and crisp taste. The perfect ratio is equal parts Aperol and sparkling wine, with a splash of club soda for fizziness. Plus, the orange garnish adds a pop of colour and enhances the citrus notes of the drink.

The Aperol Spritz originated in Venice during the early 1900s and became popular worldwide in the 2000s due to its appearance in advertisements. Its easy-to-make recipe makes it the ideal drink for novice and experienced bartenders alike.

Next time you’re at a social gathering, why not sip on an Aperol Spritz and appreciate its rich history? Cheers to this delicious and iconic cocktail!

Ingredients of an Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is a yummy cocktail that’s perfect for summer. It’s got ingredients that make it fizzy and fruity.

Here’s what you need to make one:

  • Aperol (2 oz)
  • Prosecco (3 oz)
  • Soda Water (1 oz)
  • and an orange slice for garnish.

This delightful combination will give you a bittersweet taste, orange aroma, and a smooth finish. The secret ingredient is Aperol – an Italian apéritif liqueur made from bitter orange and rhubarb. If you want to serve something special at your next gathering, try this! Aperol Spritz has been around since 1919 and it’s got some awesome stories to tell.

History of Aperol Spritz

To explore the history of Aperol Spritz and understand its evolution, you will take a look at its origins and the factors that led to its widespread popularity. Origins of Aperol Spritz and Popularity of Aperol Spritz are the sub-sections that will shed light on the drink’s inception and how it became an internationally known beverage.

Origins of Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz has a long history – all the way back to the 1900s in Italy. It began as a Venetian tradition of adding soda to wine. The Barbieri brothers in Padua crafted a unique blend of bitter oranges, rhubarb, and herbs, creating the recipe for Aperol Spritz.

It became popular across Europe in the 1920s and 30s, thanks to its low alcohol content. People enjoyed it before dinner to stimulate their appetite. Recently, it’s gained global fame as a summer cocktail.

Critics say Aperol Spritz is too sweet or lacks flavour. Mixologists suggest adding a splash of gin or bitters for complexity. Alternatively, use Champagne instead of Prosecco for a more elegant touch. These changes make an ordinary Aperol Spritz extraordinary – and perfect for fall!

Popularity of Aperol Spritz

aperol spritz at bar

Aperol Spritz has become a beloved and renowned drink among cocktail connoisseurs across the globe.

Six points explain why it’s so popular:

  • Lots of marketing campaigns
  • Super easy to make
  • Delicious taste
  • Citrus flavour appeals to many
  • Beautiful orange hue & Insta-worthy
  • Great for hot summers.

It was first launched in Italy in the 1950s, but it made its way to the USA in 2005. Since then, its popularity skyrocketed.

What makes Aperol Spritz stand out is that it’s not only used for drinks; chefs use it as a secret ingredient too.

Forbes reported that 300 million Aperol Spritzes were consumed in 2019. Time to get your bartending skills on and make a batch of liquid sunshine with this recipe.

How to make an Aperol Spritz

To make an Aperol Spritz with step-by-step guidance and variations, this section has got you covered. If you’re looking to impress your guests with an Aperol Spritz, here’s the solution. This section will provide a detailed recipe to guide you through creating a perfect Aperol Spritz and introduce you to some popular variations to spice up your cocktail-making skills.

Step-by-step guide to making an Aperol Spritz

Crafting an Aperol Spritz requires skill and following a step-by-step process. It’s distinguishable from other drinks due to its striking orange colour and pleasant bittersweet flavour.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Fill a wine glass with ice cubes until it’s ⅓ full.
  2. Pour in 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, and 1 part soda water.
  3. Stir with a spoon or swizzle stick.
  4. Garnish with an orange slice.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

The Aperol Spritz originated in the 1800s when Austro-Hungarian soldiers were stationed in Italy. To reduce the potency of local wines, they added water which later changed to sparkling water, and eventually Prosecco.

Who needs to decide on just one drink? Get your Aperol Spritz fix in a new variation every night of the week!

Variations of an Aperol Spritz

Try something unique and creative with your Aperol Spritz! Here are some variations to get you started:

  1. Classic Aperol Spritz: Aperol, Prosecco, Soda Water and an Orange Slice.
  2. Cucumber and Mint Aperol Spritz: Aperol, Prosecco, Tonic Water, Cucumber Slices and Mint Leaves.
  3. Ruby Red Grapefruit Aperol Spritz: Aperol, Grapefruit Juice, Soda Water and a Rosemary Sprig.

You can also experiment with different juices or syrups like elderberry syrup or raspberry juice. For something sweet, mix 1 oz. of Aperol with 1 oz. of limoncello. Then, shake in a shaker filled with ice and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top off with seltzer water for fizz.

Make your next summer party or get-together stand out by serving these creative Aperol Spritz variations! Add sweetness to your slightly bitter drinks by adding an orange slice. Enjoy!

Serving an Aperol Spritz

To serve an Aperol Spritz with the perfect complement, explore the glassware for Aperol Spritz and pair Aperol Spritz with food. Your drink will taste even better when presented in the proper glass so that you can experience the aroma and nuances of the drink. Similarly, the right food pairing can further enhance the taste and mood of your Aperol Spritz.

people cheering to aperol spritz

Glassware for Aperol Spritz

Serving Aperol Spritz is special. The best glassware for it? Large wine glass or a balloon-shaped glass. They keep the drink’s fizz and aroma, plus show its orange hue.

Here are the details:

Glass Type Description
Large Wine Glass Long stem, narrow bowl. Lets the colour shine. Enough ice to keep chilled, not too diluted.
Balloon-Shaped Glass Big base, rounded top. Let’s you take in the bubbles and aroma.
Stemless Wine Glass Great for outdoor events. Sturdy base, not easily tipped over.

To serve properly – Aperol Spritz follows drinks etiquette. Pre-chill the glasses. Then add ice and Prosecco.

Fun Fact: 350 million Aperol spritz cocktails were sold in 2020! And find the perfect food pairing – it’s all about balance.

Pairing Aperol Spritz with food

Aperol Spritz is a delicious cocktail that pairs well with food. For the best taste, try pairing it with cheese, sushi, sashimi, and seafood dishes. The saltiness and umami flavours of these foods go great with the bittersweet taste of Aperol Spritz. To bring out the taste even more, try sipping this drink while snacking on salty snacks or spicy food.

Mix up your next dinner party or gathering with the perfect Aperol Spritz and food combo! Experiment to find your favourite match. Or, just skip the therapist and grab an Aperol Spritz – it’ll make all your problems funnier.


Aperol Spritz is an Italian cocktail made of Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water. It has a refreshing taste with bittersweet notes. It’s usually served in a wine glass filled with ice.

The recipe for this cocktail has been around since the 1900s. But, it recently gained popularity due to its orange colour and presentation on social media. It’s perfect for summer afternoons or as an aperitif before dinner.

People like it because Aperol has less alcohol content than other liquors. So, it’s a good option for those who want to enjoy their drink without getting too drunk.

Forbes reported that Aperol sales rose by over 50% in 2019, showing its incredible growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Aperol Spritz?

A: An Aperol Spritz is a refreshing and light cocktail made with Aperol, prosecco, and soda water.

Q: What is Aperol?

A: Aperol is a popular Italian aperitif made with a blend of bitter and sweet orange, rhubarb, and other herbs and spices.

Q: How do you make an Aperol Spritz?

A: To make an Aperol Spritz, fill a wine glass with ice, add a shot of Aperol, followed by a shot of prosecco, and finish with a splash of soda water. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Q: What does an Aperol Spritz taste like?

A: An Aperol Spritz is a slightly bitter and citrusy cocktail that is both sweet and refreshing at the same time, making it perfect for warm weather and summer parties.

Q: What can you serve with an Aperol Spritz?

A: An Aperol Spritz pairs well with most light and refreshing appetizers, such as salads, seafood, and cheeses. It also goes well with salty snacks like nuts and pretzels.

Q: Is an Aperol Spritz a low-calorie cocktail?

A: Yes, an Aperol Spritz is a relatively low-calorie cocktail, with only about 145 calories per serving, making it a popular choice for those who are watching their waistlines.